HTB Meow (Telnet)

As the first box, this box helps with the set up of the machine.

I started with pinging the host to make sure it was spawned and alive.

Next, I ran an aggressive nmap scan against the host. Telnet appears to be open.

Make sure to use the IP of your machine. In my case, it’s Yours may be different.

nmap -sV -A

I proceeded to try to set up a telnet connection. It didn’t work. I searched for a while to see if I was connecting wrong. It turns out that the box was just having an issue. I rebooted the box and tried again. Still no luck. I decided to use Metasploit instead. You can spin up Metasploit with the msfconsole command. Then I searched for telnet and found a scanner module that I can use.

use auxiliary/scanner/telnet/telnet_login

Then I set the options with the set command. I tried multiple common username/password combinations until I found the correct one. root/password

set rhosts

set username root

set password password

Tip: show options allows you to view options required

After all the options are filled out, run it to log into the box. The flag.txt is found in the home directory.




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